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Hi again! I am back. From now on regular updates are promised. Although exactly whom I am promising this to, I don't know, as, without updates and interesting content, nobody comes anyway.

I am going to fill in the blanks in the links section (to your left), and make the pages to which you are sent somewhat interesting, I hope.

On the news side of things, I am writing two novels at the moment. One is called Lack of National Intelligence and is about some National Intelligence Agents who get into fun situations. The actual content and plot, the riveting storyline, is not all that interesting. However, if you want fun, rather than thrill, read my new upcoming book Strange Going to Bricks. This title, of course, is only temporary. It's about two time-travelling dudes who change into Jesus respectively. If you see what I mean...

Anyway, Realicide [bam-bam-bam] the Musical!, is slightly stuck for now, because, whereas I am in no way lacking in plot-type inspiration, music fails me for now. Oh well, soon I will succeed!
Cobe out